Gustav Henrikhovich Voigt* with Ottilie Karlovna (Bradash) my great-grandparents, and children (ca. 1910)
(top right: my paternal grandmother Olga)

* 25.XII.1862 (Lodz) - IX.1939 (Odessa)


Gustav and Ottilie's children:

Maria (died at age two)

Emma (died at 9 months)

Gustav ( died at 14 months)

Wilhelm (born 1897 in Odessa, missing since 1946)

Olga: 4.V.1899 (Odessa) - VIII.1996 (Heiligenstadt, Germany)

Friedrich (born 1901 in Odessa, died 1949 in the Altai Region during deportation)

Alexander (born 1903 in Odessa, died 1940 (?) in Odessa)

Lidia (born 1905 in Odessa, died 1912 in Odessa)

Karl (born 1912 in Odessa, died (?) in Milford Ct.)



the Voigt children: 5.VII. 1916 in Odessa

Karl (4), Alexander (13), Friedrich (15), Olga (17), Wilhelm (19)

Brockerts and Voigts in Odessa
(left: Pavel Brockert, my great-uncle; center: Olga with son Waldemar, my father)
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